Hey LiProspecters!

We understand the challenges of running a Lead Gen and Outreach campaign on a Basic Linkedin account. And we also, understand how expensive it could get when paying an additional $79.99 USD monthly for a Sales Navigator subscription. For this reason, we want you to meet The Personal SalesNav Plan!

We're introducing a new plan that comes with a Free Sales Navigator Team subscription. What this means is that, when you've subscribed to the Personal SalesNav Plan, you'll automatically gain access to Sales Navigator Team account for as long as your subscription is active.

The plan costs $109 USD monthly, meaning you're getting our Professional plan of $80 plus a Sales Navigator team subscription for only $29! (The SN Team plan usually costs around $134.99/month).

Why Upgrade to Linkedin Sales Navigator for your Lead generation and Prospecting? 

The Sales navigator subscription offers lots of benefits which include, Free InMail to any LI user, an Advanced Search portal, CRM, and more. 

Also, to get the best of automation services like LiProspect, you need a Sales Nav subscription which removes most of Linkedin's imposed limits and solves most of the challenges you might encounter.

Plan FAQ

Q: What's the difference between the Sales Nav Team Vs Sales Nav Professional

Ans: The Sales Nav Team got an edge over the Individual Professional plan. Kindly see the full features on Linkedin.


Q: I've got an Active LiProspect Personal Plan, can I migrate to the Personal SalesNav Plan?

Ans: You can purchase the SN subscription separately from here starting at $29/mon - LiP Store


Q: I have an active Sales Nav Subscription, can I still buy the Team Plan?

Ans: Yes, you can. Linkedin treats each plan separately. However, this is not advisable as you'll be getting the same results. We'd advise you to wait for your current SN subscription to expire before opting for SN Team. If you're on Linkedin Premium and Recruiter Lite, you can subscribe to the SN Team without any issue.


Q: I'm not a LiProspect user, can I purchase the SN Team Plan from your Store?

Ans: For now, yes. We want to get as many team members as possible to fill in the available slots that we paid for. However, the offer would be close to non LiP users when we've got enough LiP users on the Team Plan.


Q: Will other users on the team see my Linkedin Activities?

Ans: No. However, there's an option to turn this on. If turned ON, you'll receive connection recommendations from other members who turned this option ON. If not, your activities are strictly private.