You can segment your prospects using tags and at the same time add notes to your prospects for reminders. By default, we've got 5 tags that'll be automatically appended to a contact depending on the contact status, and they include Visited, Requested, Accepted, Messaged, and Replied. However, you're not limited to just these 5 tags, you can create custom tags and easily append to your contacts.

Creating a new Tag

  1. To get started with tags, go to the Prospects Page
  2. Click the + symbol beside the Filter by Tags label
  3. Click the create a Tag button
  4. Type the name of your new tag, select your desired color and click the Create Tag button

Append a Tag to a Contact

To append a tag;

  1. Click on the tag icon beside the default tags below the contact name
  2. Select the tag you'd like to assign and click on the assign button.