If you're facing difficulty login into your Linkedin Account on LiProspect, kindly follow the below guidelines;

1. Ensure there's no checkpoint - If you're having issues login into your account, there's a high chance that there might be a checkpoint to be passed at Linkedin. To fix this, kindly log in to linkedin.com and bypass whatever checkpoint that could come up. E.g bypassing a captcha screen.

2. Delete LiProspect Cache from your browser - This is a simple fix to remove all pending caches that could hinder the login form from progressing.  Here's a quick guide on how to delete LiP cache from the browser.

3. Upgrade to Linkedin Sales Navigator: Due to the limits imposed on Linkedin Basic accounts, it's common that your account would get disconnected more often. This is because Linkedin limits your number of actions and connections. It's highly recommended to upgrade to Sales Nav. to get the best out of your campaigns.