This hack will show you how to;

  • Target Facebook Groups to find your audience
  • Scrape the names of members of your target group
  • Convert their names to Linkedin Profiles
  • Send personalized outreach messages to the targets using LiProspect.

Getting Started

Stage 1: Using Phantombuster to Scape Facebook Group member names

Step 1: Search  Phantombuster for FB Group Extractor

Step 2: Connect to Facebook: To connect to Facebook using Phantombuster, you'll need to download and install the browser extension.

Step 3: Copy and Paste your target Facebook group URL into the "Groups to Scarape" form.

Step 4: Save, then launch the Phantom.

Step 5: After the scrapping is completed, download the CSV file generated.


Stage 2: Find their Linkedin Profiles

Step 1: Search Phantombuster for 'Linkedin Profile URL Finder'

Step2: Create a Google sheet and paste in the list of names from the CSV you downloaded from the first stage.

Step 3: Copy and paste the Google sheet URL into Phantombuster.

Step 4: Save, and then launch the Phantom

Step 5: Download the CSV File after running.


Stage 3: Launch Outreach with LiProspect

Step 1: Now that we have a CSV file with the profileUrls of our targets, you can launch a campaign on LiProspect.

Step 2: Select the Custom Import Campaign type

Step 3: Select your downloaded CSV file.

Step 4: Select your Sequence for the campaign. And Launch.